About Us

Company History

Benjamin Fine Food Inc was founded in 1999 in Toronto, Ontario. Our products are traditional, yet distinct and unlike any others in the food market. We offer a wide range of preserved products and ingredients to complement any meal and we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality sources in the preparation of our products.

         Our corporate borders reach beyond Canada and by importing resources from other countries we are able to develop a strong international network. Dealing with other countries helps Benjamin Fine Foods Inc. to better predict and prepare for new trends in the industry. Benjamin Fine Foods markets an extensive range of imported food products including tomato paste, beverages, pasta, biscuits, deli and confectionary.

            As time passes, our branch here in Toronto aand all our other partners will continue to offer and develop new and improved products and ingredients. Our wide assortment allows us to cater to many tastes. In our early years we started offering preserved vegetables and fruits but since then we have introduced new line in pastas and deli and we continue to grow and expand to meet every customer needs which gives us a more competitive and successful position in the worldwide market.

             We manufacture and market many of the favorite’s foods and beverages that are the mainstay of Iranian and Canadian kitchens. Benjamin is an innovation leader focused on listening carefully to consumers and their ever changing needs. Every year, we invest in quality, innovation and our brands.

The company’s philosophy

The company wants to see that people, regardless of their origins, be able to get the foods that they love wherever they live. Large numbers of people around the world are trying foods from other countries which they inevitably start to use on a regular basis because they are captivated by the wonderful taste of these cuisines that the world offers. In effect, Benjamin Fine Foods is doing its part to help make our world an “International Cooking Pot”.

Company’s Future

Benjamin Fine Foods welcome opportunities and therefore we try to expand to meet demand and not to limit its operations. We have the resources and capabilities to extend and to develop. We’re constantly looking for fresh ideas to improve our workplace, our partnerships and our world. We focus on creating sustainable growth. And our strategies guide our efforts:
Build a high performing organization
Exploit our sales capabilities
We believe we can make a delicious difference, everywhere.

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